Does what it says on the tin. There’s usually music to go alongside.

The shoe soundtracks

I take pictures of my shoes and then imagine what they’d listen to if they were sentient beings. I’m weird like that. The music’s pretty good, though.


Reviews, meanderings, rants, thinkpieces.


Just the straight goods, man. No pesky shoes or lipstick or anything.

The lust list

If I owned these things I just know I’d be happier. Also known as Unabashed Consumerism.

Dirtbag beauty

I’m a self-professed dirtbag, which basically means that I sometimes don’t care what I look like and I don’t love spending $$$ on things that the beauty industry markets directly to me. That said, I’ve got some favourite products that help me feel more like the fabulous dirtbag I am.

Feminist Rant

Everything from personal essays on beauty standards to pop culture to discussions of class, race, ability, and sexuality. You know, the fun stuff.

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