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A couple pieces that I’d been working on earlier in the summer were published online recently, and if you haven’t read them, please take a look!

I wrote about coming up with outfits inspired by my favourite punk bands for Bustle, which was super fun. Some of these clothing combinations I don’t wear on a daily basis, so it was awesome to put these looks together. And who doesn’t want to channel their inner Mish Way sometimes?

You can read the piece here.

And today, Shameless ran a music-related piece I did for them, this time focusing on trans and genderqueer bands. Against Me! are definitely far from being a new band, but Laura Jane Grace’s activism has meant that more trans and genderqueer bands are getting mainstream exposure, which is exactly what prompted me to discover their music in the first place.

You can read it here.

Don’t YOU remember when you were young and wanted to set the world on fire?

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