Let’s skronk

I have been listening to a whole bunch of saxophone-featuring punk-ish bands lately, and I wanna spread the joy.

And not all the bands are old, either. (I love you, X-Ray Spex, and I’m sorry I just called you old.)

Newer bands like Melt Yourself Down, Bill Mountain and Pill (featured previously on this blog because I love them so much) and Coughs from about ten years ago have incorporated that distinct honk into their chaotic sounds.

Alto sax was the instrument I was half-assigned and half self-elected to play (because it was cool, you see) as a junior and senior high-schooler, so the familiar sometimes-dingy, sometimes bright skronk of a saxophone is also near and dear to me.

Okay, not that dear to me: I quit the instrument the second I graduated.

Sax is still good, though. Add one to your punk band today.

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