The lust list, I’m still alive edition

Well hello there! I suppose I should be welcoming myself back to Lorzeland.

Hey Lorze, welcome back, how goes?

Hey thanks for asking Lorze, I’ve been DJing a bunch of gigs lately and in between that I’ve had a persistent head cold, so, you know, business as usual.

I can tell you’re thinking about clothing and that’s why you’re back – to share the things you want to buy but haven’t the resources to.

Shut up.

Anyway, here’s the current favs rundown.

Vintage Comme des Garçons structured velvet top


It’s what a ’90s-does-’20s deco androgyne would wear.

Also, my favourite colours.

Via dot.COMME, who has the coolest collection of vintage CdG and other avant-garde Japanese designers.

Motel x Grace Neutral Vince slip dress

I had no idea who Grace Neutral was until a couple days ago when she was profiled for i-D to promote her capsule collab with Brit brand Motel. She’s a London-based tattoo artist and Instagrammer who, as I understand it, has been a big influence in alternative and body mod scenes for years, but is just now hitting the edge of mainstream fashion.

I’ve never cared about body mods, but look at her violet eyes! The print fabric used for her Motel collection is a reflection of the art that’s resulted from her signature stick ‘n’ poke tattoo work. It grabbed me right away.

Yeezy x Adidas boucle sweater

All of Kanye West’s Yeezy season 1 collection is sold out all over the world, I assume, and probably did so within the first day of being on sale October 27. Obviously it’s fine because I’m a dirtbag who won’t pay $200 for a sweater, never mind $1,500.

(Yes, it certainly does depend on the sweater, but let’s be real here.)

Regardless, this nubbly wool sweater was my favourite piece from his first collection. I love the voluminous direction Kanye’s style has taken over the last several years, and I love texture, especially in knits, so I appreciated what he and Adidas premiered last month.

Honestly everyone else is so skeptical but I am pumped to see where Yeezy’s fashion career goes from here.

Ohhio chunky merino sweater

I like sweaters, okay? I like them particularly when they transform the wearer into a soft chunk of cotton candy swaddling.

This one’s by Etsy seller Ohhio and makes me dream about being eaten by clouds, which is maybe the most soothing thought ever.

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